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Cyber-Africa Academy

Cyber-Security knowledge and skill shortage are major a complications experienced by organizations within the industry. Cyber-Africa provides what currently stands as the best hyper-realistic simulated training worldwide with supreme technology. The main courses being offered are Cyberbit Range Training of some levels and SCADA Training. All training can be conducted remotely.


managed security services

Cyber-Africa provides best-of-breed Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service. As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we deliver extensive managed security services, combining a robust security solution based on the SOC3D Platform and a highly qualified team. SOC3D is based on three major capabilities: orchestration, automation and big data investigation. It includes a playbook builder for playbook creation and editing. The security tools operated upon an array of procedures assuring organized processes. These processes relate to incident analysis and response, correlate and analyse data, threat research and intelligence on an on-going basis, all optimized for the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Risk assessment

Risk Assessments are a vital segment of management, especially when it comes to information handling. Cyber-Africa offers a full risk assessment package which includes; identification of threats and vulnerabilities, determination of likelihood of occurrence, determination of risk and impact. The assessment yield a detailed report of the evidences, solutions to threats and risk prevention methods. The outcome of a risk assessment delivered by Cyber-Africa is a client enriched with the knowledge pertaining to threats they face or are likely to face coupled with extensive resolutions.

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What our technology users Say?

With its new A1 Cyber Range security training center in Wiener Neustadt, A1 now offers the opportunity to identify threats early on, to test protective and defensive mechanisms and to train proficiency in defending against cybercrime attacks.
Marcus Grausam
CEO and CTO, A1
Companies always value graduates with work experience, but in the world of cybersecurity its importance is tenfold, The Cyberbit Range is a cutting-edge environment that will help students and professionals gain valuable experience facing real-life cyberattacks
Antonio Delgado
Dean of Engineering, Technology and Design, Miami Dade College
The demand for experienced professionals with the mindset needed to integrate cybersecurity throughout the product design process and to respond to cyberattacks far exceeds the supply. Cyberbit’s expertise in simulated cybersecurity lab environments makes it a uniquely qualified partner to help us bridge this gap.
Dan Hirleman
Chief Officer for Corporate and Global Partnerships at Purdue University
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