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Is Your SOC Team Ready for a Cyberattack?

Eventually, your organization will be attacked.
Unfortunately, this will be the first time your SOC team will experience this attack.
Cyber-Africa Academy powered by Cyberbit Range prepares your security team for the attack, by providing a hyper-realistic,
virtual SOC environment, in which they can train in responding to real-world, simulated cyberattacks,
and dramatically improve their performance.


Prepare your SOC team with a wide range of simulated training scenarios, from entry level individual training to advanced, multi-stage attacks and team training.

public sector

Solve the cybersecurity skill gap by accelerating the certification of cybersecurity professionals. Train incident response teams in simulated cyber attacks. Test your IT infrastructure and security measures in a safe and controlled environment.

higher education

Increase student enrollment and retention and prepare your graduates for a career in cybersecurity with hands-on cyber range simulation labs.

cyber range training models

cyberbit Remote Access Range

Log in to a remote access-based virtualized SOC and mitigate live, simulated attacks using market-leading, commercial security products. Get real-time feedback to assess your skills.

  • Train anytime, anywhere
  • Immersive, simulated SOC environment
  • Experience real-world, live cyberattacks

Cyberbit On-Prem Range

Get the full hands-on experience with our guided training at our facility, with our professional team of cyber security trainers. Get your cyber security team ready for real-life cyber-attacks by experience the pressure of real-time cyber-attack.

  • Assess and improve SOC environment team work
  • Learn from our team of professionals
  • Dramatically increase cyber-response skill set

The Cyberbit Range is a cutting-edge environment that will help
students and professionals gain valuable experience facing
real-life cyberattacks

Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering, Technology and Design, at Miami Dade College

hyper realistic simulation

Real-World Networks

Immerse in a virtual network that mirrors a comprehensive corporate network infrastructure.

Real-World Security Tools

Train in a virtual SOC and use market-leading security tools including a SIEM, firewall and endpoint security, to respond to simulated attacks.

Real-World Cyberattacks

Experience simulated attacks ranging from ransomware and defacement to evasive worms and multi-stage attacks.

Multiple Roles and Scenarios

Train individuals and teams, from tier-one analysts and students to tier-3 experts and OT security professionals. Cyberbit Range training scenarios are fully aligned with NICE KSAs and competencies.

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