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Among the biggest problems faced by organizations in securing their data, is the lack of trained and skilled personnel in the IT/OT Security field. Cyber-Africa Academy steps in to assist organizations in reducing this skill shortage by providing exceptional training programs. Cyberbit Range training is at the core of cyber security education delivered by the Cyber-Africa Academy. The Range is the world leading cyber security simulation platform and the most widely used technology for setting up and managing hyper-realistic cyber security training and simulation. The fundamental goal of the Range training is to equip organizations’ IT personnel with the knowledge and skillset required to combat cyber security threats that include data breaches, computer viruses, denial of service (DoS) and other attack vectors. Cyberbit Range accurately simulates a network topology, security tools, normal and malicious traffic, which results in dramatic improvement over traditional training approaches. The training is made dramatically efficient by its hands-on nature as well as the highly experienced professionals conducting the training.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

SCADA systems are crucial for industrial organizations as they help to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime.
As part of the Range, SCADA is hands-on hyper-realistic simulation training infrastructure provided by the Academy. It combines hardware (industrial controllers, fans, sound alarms etc.) representing OT system with appropriate software to provide tangible experience of cyber-attack on manufacturing, production and fabrication (OT) industries.

Remote Learning

As we all obligated to obey the social distancing rules, the Cyber Center Academy is equipped with two means to avoid tight gathering:
1) Our spacious class can accommodate 8 students while keeping 2m distance from each other.
2) The Range infrastructure allow remote learning of which the students are out of the academy premises, accessing the system via the internet and able to use the full functionality.

Managed security services

24/7/365 Monitoring

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is designed to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cyber security threats and incidents. One way to guarantee entirety in the information security is placing 24-hour service. This ensures that the combination of sophisticated technology and proficient security personnel manning the systems are present all day, every day, addressing the real-world necessity of the SOC clients.

Apply automated protction

Generally, manual processes tend to be hectic and time consuming. Application of automated systems is an added attribute of Cyber-Africa’s Security Operations Center. The thrust of Cyber-Africa’s SOC is the Cyberbit SOC3D, which is a single pane of glass for automating and orchestrating SOC operations. Among other exceptional technologies used in Cyber-Africa’s SOC, the SOC3D proves to improve efficiency and increase SOC team impact. It automatically fetches enrichment data from sources like “Virus Total”, and makes them available to the analyst, for investigating the incident. In addition, the SOC3D utilizes automated ‘Playbooks’ to enhance investigation as well as reporting of incidents.

professional response team

Shortage of skilled professionals is an increasing dilemma faced by IT departments of various organizations. With the right technology in place, operational staff becomes by far the only bother. Cyber-Africa stands out with its absolute combination of highly experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology all set to meet the needs of all its clients. In fact the SOC operators and analysts have access to experts pool support of our Israeli allies, thus Cyberbit Ltd.

risk assessment

A cyber security risk assessment is a crucial part of any company or organization’s risk management strategy. Every organization relies on information technology and information systems to conduct business, and there are risks inherent in that. Risk assessments are aimed to identify, estimate and prioritize risk to organizational operations, assets, individuals and other organizations, resulting from the design or the operation of information systems. Risk Assessment is the best way to find relevant threats to your organization, internal and external vulnerabilities, the impact of the vulnerabilities being exploited and the likelihood of exploitation. Cyber-Africa offers Risk Assessment in order to assist clients identify threats and vulnerabilities they face or are exposed to as well as recommend practical solutions to deal with the resulting risks.

Cyber Security Products

Fortinet & Checkpoint Product and Service Provider

Cyber-Africa has among its varying services, exclusive partnerships with two of the world-leading cyber-security organizations, Fortinet and Checkpoint. This nature of this partnership is so that apart from the services offered at Cyber-Africa’s cyber center, Cyber-Africa is privileged to distribute ALL Fortinet and Checkpoint products(i.e. firewalls etc). Therefore, if clients so desire to implement any such into their networks, Cyber-Africa, as partners of Fortinet and Checkpoint will be able address and resolve inquiries relating to basic networking and configuration, and can advise you on the products and services that best fit your needs.
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